Plumbing Services

Whenever you need a plumber in West Plano, TX, call Cathedral. We have experienced plumbers ready and waiting for any problem your home can throw at them. We’ll get to you fast, when it’s convenient for you. Then we’ll assess your home’s plumbing needs and let you know when and how we can meet them. We look forward to working with you soon!

Drain Cleaning

As your plumber in West Plano, we are skilled in everything that has to do with drain cleaning. We’ll get your drains cleaned fast, whether that means using a plumbing snake, replacing a section of pipe, or removing tree roots from your sewer. Whenever you need drain cleaning in West Plano, call Cathedral. We’ll find the problem and design a solution specific to your home and your needs.

Some homeowners hesitate to call about drain cleaning in West Plano because they are worried about how invasive the repair will be. However, most drain cleaning is easy. We use a professional plumbing snake to remove or break up your clog without even having to take anything apart. If we do have to go into your sewer, we’ll use minimally invasive methods whenever possible. We can usually remove clogs from inside your home, so we won’t have to dig up your yard or anything.

Water Heaters

When you’re looking at your options for water heaters in West Plano or you need someone who can repair yours, call Cathedral. We will help you get your water heater working again, or we’ll help you find a new one that will get you and your family the hot water you need again soon. We’ll look at the square footage of your home, your budget, your energy-saving preferences, and more. Then we’ll suggest water heaters in West Plano that will meet all of your needs.

Are you interested in hearing more about tankless water heaters in West Plano? We’ll talk to you about the positives and negatives of these, then look to see how much work it would require for your house to support one. If you choose to go with tankless water heaters in West Plano, we’ll help you get the perfect one for your house.

Slab Leak Repair

Many homeowners don’t know much about slab leak repair in West Plano until they suddenly need it for their home. However, slab leak repairs are more common than you might think. They occur when a pipe that is set into your home’s foundation experiences damage and begins to leak water into the surrounding materials. These leaks can go undetected for years before homeowners notice anything unusual.

If you:

  • Hear water running when nothing is turned on
  • Have inexplicable damp spots in your home, especially in the garage or the basement
  • See cracks or oozing water

contact us immediately. You may not have a slab leak but, if you do, you’ll want to get your slab leak repair in West Plano completed as soon as possible. This limits the damage done to your home and may keep you from having to do other expensive repairs.


West Plano Plumbing Experts

Make an appointment with the skilled plumbers at Cathedral today for these and other plumbing issues in West Plano. We would love to help you live better and keep your home running just the way you need it to.


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