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When there’s something wrong with your plumbing in McKinney, you don’t have time to do much thinking. Instead, you need to call someone for help fast. In fact, you may even have a plumbing emergency on your hands. No matter what is going wrong, the plumbers at Cathedral Plumbing can help you out. There’s no task too big, no job too small for our experienced staff. Getting things back to normal starts when you pick up the phone and call Cathedral.

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Drain Cleaning in McKinney

When you have a clogged drain, simple household tasks become major burdens instead. Stop worrying and stressing, call us for drain cleaning in McKinney. We’ll get to you quickly, figure out where your clog is, and remove it by the easiest and most cost-effective way possible.

If you have a stubborn clog in one drain or a drain that keeps clogging, no matter what you do, your plumber will likely use a plumbing snake to get the clog out and get your drain flowing freely again. These snakes are professional-grade, so they will hold up no matter what. They will either remove the clog or break it up so it can flow down your pipes and out your sewer.

If you seem to have several drains all clogged at once, we’ll look to do a sewer drain cleaning in McKinney to get things cleared out. We’ll find the best way to access your sewer, look around, then remove your clog. We can usually use trenchless sewer repair methods to do this so that you won’t have to replace your entire yard.

Water Heaters in McKinney

faucet plumbing mckinney, txIf your water heater in McKinney needs repair or replacement, we’ll help you find one that will be perfect for your home. We’ll look at how big your home is, what kind of hookups you have, your budget, and more to help get you the water heaters you need to take showers, wash your dishes, and wash your clothes.

Tankless Water Heaters in McKinney

Are you interested in tankless water heaters in McKinney, or do you have one already? We can help you install a tankless water heater or repair the one that you already have. We offer several different models of tankless heaters so you can be sure to find the that’s right for you. Choose your new water heater and we’ll get it installed according to all of the specifications so you can be sure it will last for a long, long time.

Slab Leak Repair in McKinney

Do you suspect that you need a slab leak repair in McKinney? These are necessary when the pipes under your home break and leak into your foundation. Sometimes, these leaks can go on for a while before you notice anything. However, as soon as you notice a problem, it’s important to call the experienced plumbers at Cathedral. We’ll locate your leak, then devise a way to get it fixed that is as simple and straightforward as possible. Stop stressing and call us instead!

Whenever you need a plumber in McKinney, TX, we’ll be here for you at Cathedral. So give us a call. We’ll get to you fast, find the source of your problem, and fix your home so you can get back to life as normal. We look forward to helping you live better soon!

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