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It could be a problem with the water heater, inside your bathroom or a leak outside your home. It rapidly gets worse, especially when you try to remedy the problem without the right tools or knowledge base. And this is where our local plumbers in Lewisville come in.

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Located in Denton County and in the northern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex, Lewisville, TX was one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States in 2010. Today, there are close to 100,000 people living in Lewisville, which was originally called “Holford’s Prairie” back when it was established in the 1840s. Today, Lewisville is known for its close proximity to Interstate 35E, diverse school district, multiple lakes, large nature preserve, varied transportation options and plethora of educational opportunities. Lewisville is also a hotbed for arts and cultural life thanks to its theaters and entertainment venues.

Despite the fact it occupies 36.4 square miles of land, no Lewisville plumbing issue is outside the range of Cathedral’s plumbers in Lewisville. From the northern edge of Lewisville by Lewisville Lake to the Sam Rayburn Tollway-lined South Lewisville, if a house in the city requires a preventative, traditional or emergency plumber, Cathedral is the company to call.

Our expertly trained, certified and licensed plumbers in Lewisville will handle each and every type of drain, leak, clog or plumbing failure your home could possibly experience. Whether there is an issue with your bathroom sink, bathroom tub, shower, toilet, laundry room, kitchen or exterior plumbing fixture, we can accurately identify the Lewisville plumbing problem and fix it. If you have an urgent plumber need, we’ll be there quickly to address it as well.

Lewisville may be surrounded by lakes, but that doesn’t mean unwelcome water is good for your home. If you’re looking for a new plumber in Lewisville give Cathedral a try.

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You get fast and accurate estimates on all gas leak and repair services. We work on project basis only, no open-ended projected hours. You are always aware of the exact cost before any work starts.

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We respond to all emergency plumbing problems. With over 100 Master and skilled technicians in the field, we can respond within the shortest time for any emergencies when called upon.

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Get professional, courteous plumbing service from one of our certified plumber team members. Our technicians are knowledgeable, helpful and scheduled to arrive on time at your convenience. You always get a warranty on parts and labor.

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