When an issue with your plumbing pops up, you can count on Cathedral Plumbing to come to the rescue. Our company has been serving homeowners in Lewisville for years, and is qualified to take on any of your needs, from drain cleaning to tankless water heater installation to slab leak repairs. At the first sign of an issue, reach for the phone and dial our number, and our professional plumbers will be there shortly to get everything back to normal for you and your family.

Emergency Plumbing Repair & More

If your sewer or water lines have a problem, our plumbers can inspect the system and figure out how to fix it. We will make certain that your pipes are in good condition by the time we leave. If your faucet won’t stop dripping, we can come out and fix it. If you need to have the fixture replaced, we can offer many styles and finishes.

Even if you have a plumbing crisis arise at an inopportune time, you can still count on us to be there for you. We know some things can’t wait, so we offer emergency services in Lewisville to make sure nobody has to put up with a broken water heater or a clogged drain for long.

Drain Cleaning

Trust that our plumbers can remove whatever is blocking your pipes or drainage system. In our years of service in Lewisville, we have seen it all, and can easily fish out the clog. Some of the most common things that we see are hair, grease, food, paper, scale buildup, baby wipes, feminine products, and tree roots.

Water Heater Services

We are here to help with anything related to both regular and tankless water heaters. This appliance needs to be maintained regularly to serve you well, which is something that we can handle for you. Our experts also can perform quick repairs or handle the replacement process when it’s time for you to get a new water heater. Our company installs more than 5,00 water heaters each year, so you can have total confidence in our services.

Slab Leak Repair

If you notice that the walls or floor of your Lewisville property are molding or cracking, or if you feel like you can hear water dripping from somewhere, it’s possible you have a slab leak. Cathedral Plumbing is well qualified to deal with the issue and save you from bigger problems.

Lewisville’s Expert Plumbing Services

Our staff is dedicated to exceeding your expectations, both in terms of the labor we do and the customer service we provide. When you hire us, you can feel confident that the plumbers that show up to your property are licensed and insured and follow safe and clean practices. Cathedral Plumbing also offers convenience to our Lewisville customers through free inspections, 0% financing options, and warranties and guarantees.

Contact us for plumbing service that is professional and reliable. Regardless of your problem in Lewisville, Cathedral Plumbing will take care of it. Call us when you require a plumber’s help.

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