When Irving property owners need quick and reliable plumbing assistance, they turn to the professionals at Cathedral Plumbing. We are available to help with whatever is going on at your home, be it a broken water heater, a clogged drain, or realizing that you need slab leak repairs. Our comprehensive services mean that regardless of what you need done, our plumbers are sure to able to assist.

Don’t stress over the state of your plumbing system. Instead, just place a call to our team, and you can feel confident that all your worries will be taken care of in an expedient and efficient manner. You can even reach us for expert help after-hours, on weekends, and on the holidays, so there is no reason to worry to ever worry in Irving.

Drain Cleaning in Irving

Even the most stubborn clogs and blockages are no match for the Cathedral Plumbing team. Our staff has the means and expert equipment to extract any obstacle that is keeping things from flowing freely. Over our years in business in Irving, we have seen it all, including hair, grease, trash, and even tree roots.

We utilize the modern benefits of video scopes to be able to examine the tougher drainage issues. Once we have a clear idea of what we are working with, we work to remove the clog with a snake or, if needed, through hydrojetting.

Water Heater Services

Do you turn on your shower and wait, but the water still doesn’t get warm? It could be an issue with your property’s water heater malfunctioning and not heating up as it should. Cathedral Plumbing can come out and inspect its condition to see if any repairs are needed. If they are, we can get those taken care of for you and get the warm water reinstated.

Replacing both regular and tankless water heaters is also a service we offer in Irving. If your unit has experienced extensive damage or has received a lot of wear over the years, it may be time to consider getting a new one. You may be interested in upgrading to the convenient tankless water heater style. Allow our plumbers to go over all the options and models with you to ensure that your choice is something that will serve you and your family well for many years.

Emergency Plumbing

A plumbing problem can quickly turn into a crisis. To avoid things getting worse, the situation needs to be addressed quickly – something Cathedral Plumbing can do. We offer emergency service in Irving that you can count on any time of the day or night.

Irving’s Top Plumbers

For the more large-scale problems that plague property owners, our skilled staff is here to help. Don’t you want to have the best in the industry working at your Irving home? When you hire Cathedral Plumbing for something like water heater, gas line, or slab leak repair, you can rest assured that highly experienced and qualified plumbers are the ones handling everything.

Cathedral Plumbing is the team to call when you have an issue with your household’s plumbing system. Whether it’s a small problem or an emergency, we are here to take care of it. Connect with us now!

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