Here at Cathedral Plumbing, we are dedicated to helping you with all of your problems and issues. Our staff can assist you with repairs, maintenance, and installations/replacements to make sure your plumbing system stays working in Highland Village. We can come out to your home or business and do drain cleaning, water heater repairs, slab leak repairs, and much more – even on an emergency basis. The next time you need a plumber, make sure to call us for help!

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Emergency Plumbing Services

Our plumbing services are offered 24/7 because we know that things can happen at any hour of the day or night. If you are having a plumbing problem and need quick help, reach out to us. We offer rapid response and will get to work fixing the issue so things can be back to normal as soon as possible. Make sure to keep our number handy for your next plumbing emergency!

Professional Drain Cleaning Services

We have plumbers on staff who are experts at drain cleaning, and who can handle even the most complicated, messy, and stubborn blockages. They have expert tools that they use to inspect the drainage system and examine what’s going on, and then we will come up with a comprehensive plan for getting rid of the clog. Our staff works carefully and always cleans up after themselves, so things will be back to normal again in no time at all.

Expert Water Heater Services

Are you having issues with the hot water at your place in Highland Village? If you go to turn on the shower and only cold water comes out, or if the sink water never seems to get warm, it is likely an issue with your water heater. Our staff can come out and do an examination to see what the problem may be. If it’s something minor, we can usually get it repaired; if not, we are happy to help replace the water heater and get you equipped with a new one.

Slab Leak Repair

Having a slab leak is a serious issue that only gets worse as time goes on. Call out our plumbing company as soon as you notice an issue, and we can stop the slab leak in its tracks. We will locate the source of the issue, get it repaired, and then make sure to remediate any water damage that it caused to your Highland Village property.

Highland Village’s Top Plumbing Company

Contact Cathedral Plumbing for expert assistance with all your plumbing-related needs. We can work on any part of your system and do repairs, maintenance, or replacements to keep things functioning as they should. Our staff in Highland Village consists of skilled plumbers who do high-quality work for an affordable cost. We offer upfront-pricing and 24-hour emergency service, so call us today about whatever you need done!

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