*Must meet the following requirements: must be during normal business hours, must be an accessible code approved clean out, must be an owner occupied property. Offer expires October 31, 2020.

Limited Time Offer

Free Video Inspection With Any Drain Cleaning

What’s the catch?

To take advantage of this limited time offer, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Appointment during business hours 7:30am-5:30pm Monday Through Friday
  • Owner occupied house
  • Ground level cleanout
  • Be able to run a camera down the line for quality control

*Must meet the requirements to redeem offer. Not sure if you meet the above requirements? Just call and ask! Offer expires October 31, 2020.

Are you looking for an expert in drain cleaning in Frisco? Do you need help getting a drain unclogged? Whether it’s a stubborn clog that you’ve tried to remove yourself, a sewer clog, or just one that you’re not confident you can get out, give us a call. Our expert Frisco technicians will unclog your drain fast. Before long, we’ll have everything flowing again, just the way you need it!

Cleaning Indoor Drains

Most of the time, we can unclog your drain in Frisco using a plumbing snake. The ones we carry are professional-grade, which means they aren’t as flimsy as the ones you can rent from your local hardware store. This makes them less likely to get stuck in your drains. Ours also come in different sizes so we can choose the one that suits your problems the best. Finally, our plumbers are all experts in using these tools. Your drains won’t suffer any more damage when we are on the job.


drain cleaning frisco, tx

Sometimes, we’ll use chemical agents to dissolve a clog or remove and replace a section of your drain or pipe. If the problem is mechanical in nature or the drain is defective, we’ll make sure we don’t just clean it but set you up for clear drains in the future.

Cleaning Sewer Drains

If your clog is in your sewer line, we’ll clean that, too. Sewer drain cleaning in Frisco is actually one of our specialties! We’ll find out where your clog is by sending a camera down your sewer line. This will also tell us what the clog is made of up.


Most of the time, we’ll use hydrojetting to get rid of your clog. This process involves shooting a concentrated stream of water into your drain to break up the clog. It can even break up tree roots! If we can’t use that method, we’ll do our best to get your clog out using trenchless methods so you don’t have to replace your entire front yard when we’re done! Before long, you’ll have the clear drains you need.


Call Cathedral Plumbing to get an expert working on your drain cleaning job. We’ll get to you quickly and assess the situation fast so you can get the solution you need quickly and easily. Make your appointment with one of our skilled drain cleaners today. Then we’ll be there soon to help you out!

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