Cathedral Plumbing is one of Dallas’s top sources for professional plumbing services. With more a staff of more than 100 licensed and insured plumbers, we are able to provide expert assistance for any unfortunate situations involving your property’s plumbing. There is no need to fret when things go awry; just pick up the phone and place a call to us, and we can be there shortly.

Property owners in the Dallas area can count on the professionals at Cathedral Plumbing for help at any time. We know that plumbing problems can happen at a moment’s notice, and when they do, you want a quick response. Our company offers service even on an emergency basis, so if an issue arises with your pipes or drains, water heater, or more, we are available to assist.

Drain Cleaning

Our crew can clear out anything that may be clogging up the drains at your property. We have expert inspection protocols to quickly find out what the issue is and get to cleaning it out.

Water Heaters

Whether you need minor repairs for your unit or are interested in upgrading to a tankless water heater setup, Cathedral Plumbing can help. Every year, our team installs and services more than 5,000 water heaters, so you can trust that you have an expert helping you.

Slab Leak Repairs

At the very first sign of a slab leak, reach out to us. We will inspect the issue and quickly figure out what repairs are needed so that damage is minimized and the work needed to fix it is minimal.

Great Plumber Service in Dallas, Guaranteed

Great Plumber Service in Dallas, Guaranteed We are proud of the work we do for our Dallas clients, which is why we offer them a few different sureties. The first is a no-cost inspection, where we come out and check out any issues you may be experiencing with your pipes, drains, faucets, or tankless water heater, and give you all the information and numbers upfront. On the backside of projects, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and warranties for parts and labor.

Contact Cathedral Plumbing when you need services in Dallas like drain cleaning, water heater maintenance, pipe and slab leak repair, and more. The plumbing services we offer are revered for being reliable, professional, and backed by a guarantee of excellent craftsmanship. Reach out to talk with our team!

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