Signs You Need Water Treatment


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It can be difficult to know when you need water treatment in Carrollton, TX without professional testing, but here are some signs you may need water treatment, water filtration or another water softening solution:


  • Green, scaly buildup on your faucets
  • Hard water spotting on your shower glass
  • You notice your skin is unusually dry or clothing doesn’t feel soft
  • You’d rather purchase bottled water or drinking water than drink tap water
  • There’s a noticeable smell of chlorine
  • You have ongoing plumbing issues

If any of the above apply to you, there are different water treatment options available to you, and the experienced plumbers at Cathedral can help you decide which is best!


Types of Water Treatment

Homeowners looking for the best water treatment options in Carrollton will be happy to know that there are multiple types of water treatments. Here are a few of them:


Traditional water softeners

Salt-based water softeners exchange certain ions for contaminants in your water, improving the quality, taste, and clarity of the water.


Salt-free water softeners

An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional water softeners, salt-free water softener controls contaminants without salt.


Whole house water treatment

If you’re interested in cleaning more than just the water you drink, whole-house treatment may be for you, as it addresses all of the water in your house, removing contaminants from your home’s entire plumbing system.


Reverse osmosis (R.O.)

This option filters contaminants from your water via a semipermeable membrane, improving the taste, smell and overall quality without the use of salts or chemicals.


A trustworthy water company can give you the very best of these water treatments.


Benefits of Professional Water Treatment

Looking for the best water treatment company in the Carrollton area? Look no further than Cathedral Plumbing. We have options from whole-house treatment to simple anti-scaling and taste or odor improvement. We can also set you up with the right water treatment system, which will pay for itself by saving you money on drinking water, soaps, costly plumbing repairs, clothing, dishes and much more.


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