When you need water heater installation in Carrollton, TX, or the surrounding area, call us at Cathedral Plumbing. Our water heater service experts get to you quickly and find you the best new water heater ASAP.

Our staff all know how to install a water heater so they’ll make the transition from the old heater to the new one as easy as possible. We’ll ensure that you have the hot water you need before we leave.

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Do I Need a New Water Heater?

Not sure if you need a new water heater in Carrollton right now? We don’t blame you! After all, it can be hard to tell if it’s the right time to give up on your old hot water heater and get a new one.

Many people call us for water heater repairs but end up installing a new water heater instead. Some repairs cost more than what it would cost to get a new water heater and others cost about the same.

You may also want to replace your water heater if your current one is old or if it shows indications of extensive damage or corrosion. Our plumbers can help you make this decision!

Our Carrollton Water Heater Installations

We’ll perform your hot water heater installation in Carrollton, TX according to all of the manufacturer’s standards for that unit so you don’t have to worry about anything getting overlooked or installed incorrectly.

We’ll also test your new water heater installation to make sure that it is heating water and everything is working well. Rely on us when you need a new water heater you can count on!

Tankless Water Heater Installation

We are also your experts in tankless water heater installation in Carrollton, TX. We can come take a look at your current water heater setup and let you know what it would take to get a tankless water heater into your home.

We can match you with the perfect tankless water heater for your needs. We’ll make sure that its performance matches your usage and that it is within your price range. Then we’ll order it and install it for you.

Carrollton Water Heater Installation Experts

Contact us at Cathedral Plumbing whenever you need hot water heater installation in Carrollton, TX! Our experts will be on the job ASAP and they won’t stop until you have the best new water heater for your home and your family’s needs. Call today to get your brand new water heater ASAP!

Call now for Water Heater Installation!

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