Reach out to the professionals on staff at Cathedral Plumbing for any kind of assistance involving sinks or faucets at your home or business property in Carrolton. Whether you have a leaky faucet causing problems or are simply renovating or updating fixtures in your bathroom or kitchen, we can handle the job and get it done fast so you are not inconvenienced. Contact our expert staff to speak with us about how we can come to your aid.

Sink and Faucet Experts

Cathedral Plumbing services and repairs all brands and offers kinds of finishes and designs to meet every customer’s wants. Whether you have or want to be equipped with a Moen, Delta, Price Pfister, Valley or Grohe faucet, we can take care of all of your needs. We can even customize a solution to fit your unique situation in Carrollton, and offer a tailored approach to make sure you are satisfied.

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Sink and Faucet Repair Service

There are a variety of reasons that you may need to call for sink or faucet repairs in Carrollton. Whether the issue you are experiencing is cosmetic or a functionality problem, we understand you want it fixed as soon as possible so that you don’t have to worry about your plumbing. Call our team of plumbers for help if any of the following are occurring at your place:

  • You have a leaky faucet or sink that is continuously dripping
  • A random increase in the amount of your water bills
  • The faucet’s appearance no longer matches the rest of your fixtures (old and rusty, mold)
  • There’s moisture or a puddle under the sink or on the counter

When you hire us to do sink or faucet repair, you can feel confident everything will be handled with professionalism and things will promptly be back to normal.

Sink and Faucet Installation

Our team has extensive experience doing installations of plumbing fixtures, so you can count on us to do faucet replacement or to put in a new sink. Each year we do over 25,000 sink and faucet installations in Carrollton, so you can have faith in our ability to do things right. Whether you’re interested in a state-of-the-art, touchless faucet or you just need a basic one, we’re here to help.

Carrolton-Area Sink & Faucet Pros

As one of the top plumbing companies in Carrollton-area, there is no better choice when you need to hire someone to repair or install a sink or faucet. We have a team of over 100 licensed and insured plumbers who are able to do things quickly and efficiently, all while providing quality customer service. Get in touch with us for upfront pricing on whatever you need done regarding your sink or faucet!

Call now for Sink & Faucet Services!

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