How to know if you need a new garbage disposal

When it comes to garbage disposals in Carrollton homes, the big question is whether to repair, replace or unclog them. A professional garbage disposal repair and installation company like Cathedral Plumbing can identify which one you need with a quick inspection. If the unit is no longer functioning, it may require a replacement. If just one component of the garbage disposal isn’t working, garbage disposal repair could get it working again. Finally, if there is food or other material stuck in the pipe, you could simply need someone to unclog your garbage disposal.


The best garbage disposal brands

Cathedral Plumbing specializes in all types and brands of garbage disposal, but our brand of choice is the InSinkErator Badger Series. Reliable, durable and powerful, this brand is among the best garbage disposals you’ll find in Carrollton, TX.  In fact, there are more Badger Series garbage disposals in kitchens worldwide than any other brand.


Professional Garbage Disposal Installation in Carrollton, TX

If you’re looking for the best garbage disposal installation companies near you, look no further than Cathedral Plumbing. We will install more than 4,000 garbage disposal units this year alone and can help you determine the right brand, type, and size for your DFW home. Sizing a garbage disposal is very important and will minimize drain clogging when sized correctly. We have a variety of garbage disposals available, including stainless steel body units.


Why Cathedral Plumbing?

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Fast estimates, upfront pricing

You’ll get fast and accurate estimates on all our plumbing services. We work on a project basis only; no open-ended projected hours. You are always aware of the exact cost before any work starts or any part is ordered.

Financing and discounts available

We have 0% financing options available for all of our plumbing services. Be sure to visit our special offers page for a $50 discount on select services for first-time customers!


Trustworthy service

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and give all of our clients a warranty on garbage disposal parts and labor. You can trust that you’ll get the very best garbage disposal for your home.



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