What is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting in Carrollton, TX is an efficient way to clean your home’s pipes with the use of high-pressure water. It’s a fantastic solution for pipes or drains that can’t be cleaned with traditional methods. Our drain and sewer service experts can use the hydro-jetting method to get your plumbing system clean, unobstructed and operating and maximum efficiency.


When Do You Need Hydro-Jetting Services in Carrollton?

There are several scenarios when hydro-jetting is the best solution for unclogging pipes in your Carrollton home. Most of them deal with blockages that can’t be addressed with drain cleaning products you buy at the store, or traditional unclogging methods, such as pipe snakes or augers. Here are a few of those scenarios:


  • Dense grease, sludge or soap scum accumulation
  • Clogs beyond the reach of augers, such as food or hair
  • Stubborn tree roots or other debris
  • Foreign material that is resistant to traditional methods or products

Using video technology, we can identify the source of the problem and determine whether hydro-jetting is necessary to address it.


Finding Reliable, Professional Hydro-Jetting Services

Looking for the best hydro-jetting company in the Carrollton area? Cathedral Plumbing has you covered. Our state-of-the-art hydro-jetting equipment features professional-level water pressure and can easily remove roots, grease, dirt, sludge, soap scum, food particles and much more. There are several hydro-jetting benefits, including using it to prevent future blockages. If you’re looking for preventative hydro-jetting services in North Texas, we’re here for you.


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