Our Licensed Plumber in Dallas Shares The Most Common Causes of a Leaky Water Heater

Our Licensed Plumber in Dallas Shares The Most Common Causes of a Leaky Water Heater

Do you hear dripping coming from your water heater closet, or maybe you notice a small puddle forming under the door? A leaky water heater can start as a small trickle but may turn into a big problem if you don’t notice in time. Our licensed plumbers in Dallas share the most common causes of leaky water heaters and offer some advice.

With any water heater maintenance in Dallas, Cathedral Plumbing will check the safety and drain valves first. Then, we’ll check the water supply and test for any sediment build-up. If either of those issues is the cause, then our licensed plumbers can quickly fix the problem and get your water heater in working order again.

If those aren’t the root of the problem, then your water heater may require more extensive plumbing services and repairs. Your heater’s hot and cold water inlet/outlet connections are a possible source for leaks. If the connections are loose or there is a faulty pipeline, then you will need to repair or replace these water heater parts.

Another possible area to troubleshoot is the temperature and pressure relief valve (T/P valve). This plays an integral part in your water heater and keeps the water running smoothly through the systems by monitoring the temperature and pressure. Leaks can occur if there’s too much pressure built up or if the water is too hot in the tank. Our licensed plumbers can assess and determine the cause and identify solutions for T/P valve issues.

Loose valves and tank deterioration are common causes of leaky water heaters. These fixes are not always easy to do if you’re not familiar with water heater repair. To assure that your water heater is properly maintained and major leaks are avoided, Cathedral Plumbing’s licensed professionals can provide the best diagnosis and replacement parts for your Dallas plumbing repair needs.

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