How to Fix Water Pressure in My Kitchen Sink

How to Fix Water Pressure in My Kitchen Sink

If you notice low water pressure in your kitchen sink, there could be a variety of reasons that you’ll want to rule out. Your kitchen sink is likely the most used water fixture in your home, and a sudden drop in the pressure could be caused by a larger issue that requires professional repairs.

If you have isolated the lower water pressure to just your kitchen sink, then you can clean the aerator to see if that will improve the pressure. The aerator is a screen at the end of the faucet that catches mineral deposits coming through the water line. To clean the aerator, unscrew the tip from the faucet and inspect it for debris or sediment in the mesh. Rinse it off the aerator under hot water. If it’s coated with hard mineral deposits, soak all aerator parts in distilled white vinegar for at least six hours. Using a soft brush, clean away any remaining loose material and rinse fully, before replacing it. If your water pressure is improved, then the problem is then problem solved!

If simply cleaning the aerator didn’t improve your water pressure, then you may require more extensive cleaning, repairs, or leak detection services. Some possible issues could be: 

  • A faucet cartridge that needs to be cleaned or repaired. This requires shutting off water to the sink, removing the interior cartridge, and thoroughly inspecting and cleaning or replacing the cartridge.
  • A blockage in the water line. Mineral deposits can build up in your water lines and a thorough flush to supply lines can improve the pressure.
  • A slab leak under your house that requires immediate repair.
  • If only your hot water pressure is lower, then it could be a problem with your hot water tank.

Make sure the lower pressure isn’t affecting more than just your kitchen sink. Check all the faucets in the house, and isolate the problem. If the lower pressure is present throughout your entire household, or if it’s affecting the hot water in every system, then you’ll most likely need a professional leak-detection service from a licensed plumber to evaluate the condition of your plumbing system.

Our licensed plumbers can provide full evaluations for faucet repairs, leak detection services, and hot water tank repairs to help with lower water pressure issues in your home.

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