How to Protect Your Pipes During Winter Months

How to Protect Your Pipes During Winter Months

North Texas nights can quickly drop below freezing during our winter months. Freezing temperatures can affect water flow, cause pipe cracks and leaks, or outright break pipes, which will require expensive repairs for repiping. Here are some tips on how to protect your pipes during the winter months:


Insulating your pipes to prevent freeze damage will be the best course of action when it comes to protecting your home during the winter months. Insulating pipes, especially outdoor and exposed areas where there is no temperature control, will help prolong the life of your pipes and prevent cold weather damage. Sealing or caulking cracks in your home can keep out cold air and help manage the temperature of rooms surrounding pipes. Other simple freeze prevention tips include disconnecting outdoor water hoses, closing and draining outdoor valves, and allowing small amounts of water to drip from indoor faucets so a constant flow of water circulates through the pipes.

Frozen pipes:

In the event that you have frozen pipes, check your water supply lines and make note of cold spots or line breaks. Plumbing parts that break due to freeze may require extensive and expensive replacement. A licensed DFW plumber can thoroughly investigate your pipes and make sure there aren’t any frozen or broken pipes that may be out of sight.


If you are attempting to thaw frozen pipes, the first step is to open the faucet of the affected pipe and allow flowing water to help melt the ice around the pipe. If the frozen pipe is outdoors or exposed, then try to heat the pipe directly with heated damp towels or heating pads. Space heaters and blow dryers can also be used to help thaw outdoor pipes. If frozen pipes are inside in your home, then turn up the heat in your home and wait to see if that helps.

Protecting your pipes during the winter months every year will add to the longevity of your home plumbing. Cathedral Plumbing experts can provide a thorough inspection of your plumbing and help make sure your pipes are protected. 

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