When is the Right Time to Replace Your Water Heater in DFW

When is the Right Time to Replace Your Water Heater in DFW

A standard water heater should last around 10 years and tankless water heaters can last twice as long. But, usage and maintenance can have a big impact on how long your water heater actually lasts. If you’ve had the same water heater for many years, you should start thinking about replacing or upgrading. Cathedral Plumbing has a few suggestions to help you figure out the right time to replace your water heater.

The age of your water heater is a big indicator of when you may start to experience more problems and require maintenance or replacement. After a decade of running daily, it’s to be expected that a standard water heater might start to have issues. This may start as a small leak, but it can quickly evolve into costly problems. You don’t want to be left without hot water when you need it! So if your water heater is approaching a decade in age, it’s time to consider a replacement or upgrade.

Additional signs of water heater problems include uncommon sounds and rusty water. If your hot water is coming out of the faucet rusty or foul-smelling, then your water heater may have a problem with old and dirty pipes, corrosion or bacteria build up in the tank. Uncommon noises, loud rumbling, or knocking sounds can be a sign that sediment has built up in your tank and needs to be flushed out. If your hot water heater is experiencing these issues with corrosion and sediment build-up, then it needs to be checked by one of our licensed plumbers in Dallas.  

Cathedral Plumbing is your professional service for water heater installation in DFW! We have experience maintaining, replacing, and upgrading residential water heaters. We typically recommend customers make the upgrade to tankless water heaters. Tankless water heaters in DFW will have a higher initial purchasing and installation cost than that of a standard water heater, but they will typically last longer and have lower operating/energy costs over a longer running life. Tankless water heaters can conserve more energy than standard tank models while simultaneously servicing every high-demand point in your home, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room. Contact Cathedral Plumbing for any water heater repairs or water heater installation in DFW.

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