Your Top Fort Worth Plumbing Company Explains the Most Common Reasons for Clogged Drains

Your Top Fort Worth Plumbing Company Explains the Most Common Reasons for Clogged Drains

Don’t let a clogged drain stop your whole week! Clogs can build up over time and grow from a slow drain to a LARGE problem. A drainage issue can happen unexpectedly and cause big plumbing issues in your house. Luckily, your top Fort Worth plumbing company is here to dive into some of the most common reasons for clogged drains – and how we can help!

Bathroom Clogs:

The most common clog in the bathroom area is most likely caused by build-up from our hair over time. You might be able to do some DIY drain cleaning to help minor clogs, but you’ll want to contact professionals if your problem is more serious.

Another cause of clogs can be due to excessive paper and hygiene products being flushed down the toilet. This can cause sewer back-ups that can be a nightmare to deal with.  Avoid flushing items like baby wipes, feminine products, or excessive amounts of toilet paper, as it can require extensive cleaning and removal if they clog up your system. We highly recommend only flushing toilet paper down the drain and tossing all other products in the trash.

Kitchen Clogs:

A common reason for a clogged kitchen sink is food waste stuck in the drain or disposal. Scrape large food pieces into your garbage or compost bins before washing dishes in the kitchen sink. Grease build up can also be a plumbing problem you want to avoid. Remember to NEVER dispose of cooking grease down the drain – it can congeal and create hardened blockages in your pipes. You should dispose of grease in the trash, or save it for reuse in future cooking recipes.

Other Issues:

Some clogs may be outside of our control. For example, tree roots may grow around pipes and cause leaks/clogs. Scale buildup from mineral deposits in the water running through our pipes may also lead to clogged plumbing lines. These types of issues may require a professional line repair and cleaning. Luckily, that’s something we can help with! 

Cathedral is your top plumbing company in the Fort Worth area, and we’re happy to assist you with any minor or major drain clogs.

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