Flipping a Home? Top Plumbing Issues to Look Out For:

Flipping a Home Top Plumbing Issues to Look Out For

If you’re “flipping” a house, you’ll want to pay special attention to the preservation and repair needs of the plumbing systems. If plumbing wasn’t taken care of over the years, you may have a lot of problems and unanticipated costs when renovating. Keep an eye out for these top plumbing issues when flipping a home:

Old Pipe Materials

First things first, you’ll want a licensed plumber to inspect your pipes and make sure they aren’t outdated or leaking. If you have an older home that has old lead pipes, a replacement will be necessary. Galvanized and plastic pipes are also likely to have wear-and-tear and possibilities for leaks or breaks. Investing in updated pipe materials will help improve the overall value of your house.

Pipe Bellies

The pipes underneath your house may have shifted from the gradual movement and shifting of the house over time. A pipe belly can happen if the pipes begin to slowly slope downward and create a “belly”. This can affect your flow of water and create a pool below your house from leaks.

Failing Sewer Lines

Sewage leaks and damage may not be found until you smell a foul odor, or notice a leak. Failing sewer lines can be due to tree root damage, pipe failure, or lines shifting. Leak detection by our licensed Dallas Fort Worth plumbers can help discover the source and repair failing sewer lines.

Outdated Fixtures and Connections

Replacing outdated fixtures and inspecting connections assures that your home can flip for a higher value and attract interested buyers. Making sure there’s no restricted water flow, that fixtures are updated and in working order and that the home has been recently inspected, will all be important factors to show possible home buyers.

Bad Repairs

If you aren’t sure how to fix a plumbing issue, it’s best to call a licensed plumber in Dallas Fort Worth to inspect and repair those problems. For a crucial part of the home that we rely on so heavily, you’ll want a history of good repairs and inspections to flip your home successfully.

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