How Often Should I Get Water Heater Maintenance in Plano

How Often Should I Get Water Heater Maintenance in Plano

Water heater maintenance can often fall pretty low on our to-do lists, but it affects our 2nd largest utility expense – water usage. Many homeowners wonder if water heater maintenance is necessary, if it can be done themselves, or if calling a professional is the way to go.  While maintenance may be optional, it can vastly improve the longevity of your appliances and prevent expensive repairs.

In general, standard water heaters can last around 10 years and should be flushed and replaced with clean water at least once a year. When you hire Cathedral Plumbing as your Plano plumber, we can provide a thorough checklist of water heater maintenance:

  • Checking all safety valves
  • Testing the supply pipes
  • Draining your water heater
  • Ensuring shut-off valves are functional
  • Checking your anode rod
  • Evaluating your water heater’s thermostat
  • Testing your heating element function

Let our professional team of DFW plumbers handle your hot water heater maintenance, so you can focus on more important things in your life. If we find serious problems or you need extensive water heater maintenance in the Plano area, we’ll work with you to get any urgent repairs fixed ASAP. We also perform tankless water heater installation and maintenance, which can be a bit more involved than working on standard hot water heaters. Our licensed plumbers are here to make it turnkey for you!

Allow Cathedral Plumbing to save you some money in the long run by maintaining the longevity of your water heater, finding repairs before it becomes a disastrous issue, and avoiding extra wear and tear by giving a little regular TLC. From conventional to tankless, from gas to electric, we install and repair all makes and models of residential water heaters. Schedule your annual water heater check with Cathedral Plumbing to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. With our help, your hot water will flow!

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