We Can Scale Easily

We understand pressure and the need to “flip the switch” to get a team going for new construction plumbing and installation. What you may not know is Cathedral has been around the block and can accommodate your urgency. We even offer preliminary engineering services with autocad stations supported by a trained staff. We have designated teams of technicians broken out into roughin, stubbing out and the critical QC (Quality control) group so we can guarantee speed, efficiency and quality of service. Give us a buzz so we can collaborate around your timetable and share some options.


We’ve Got Skilled Craftsmen

With over 100 skilled technicians, Cathedral has Master Craftsmen and skilled new construction plumbing technicians all trained in the Cathedral methodology. Each team has worked together for years and undergone a specific training regimen instituted by the owner with a no-nonsense approach to Quality service. We even TV-Cam every pipe installed before sign-off just to ensure the job meets our own internal standard to achieve your satisfaction.



We’re Loved for Exceptional Quality

A home owner can only be truly happy if his home has been built with care. This means that the use of quality products and name brands are essential from first steps and through completion. In fact Cathedral’s CEO will even change certain specs just to make sure quality product is in place to avoid frustrated home owners calling with complaints or to schedule service . With Texas summers and winters, having stacks, and pipes installed using quality materials can keep headaches at a distance, especially with critical product running within slabs and below floorboards. We sleep better…and so will you.


Businesses Trust Us

Luis Uriarte the owner and CEO of Cathedral generally starts his day at 4:30 AM. If problems crop up, he never delegates. He wants to be involved from the get-go because it’s his reputation on the line. He’s instilled an attitude and standard for Cathedral technicians to desire to excel in their craft and workmanship resulting in a pride and ownership of their labor. How would you know? Look on your water heater and you’ll see their name, date of install and sign-off showing that this was their Cathedral effort!

Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners
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Phone: (512) 936-5200

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