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Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Under your concrete floor are numerous pipes. A leak from those pipes is inevitable due to rust, accumulation of mineral residues, corrosion, and poor construction to name a few. If left unattended, such leaks will weaken the foundation or lead to the growth of molds and other harmful fungus that might negatively impact your family’s health.

In this case, you are blind from the start with regard to your slab and foundation. These kind of leaks can be difficult to detect and be somewhat invisible. In severe cases whole rooms can become flooded very quickly. Early detection can however save you from the high costs of restoring an entire floor from a severe leak.

We recommend you give Cathedral a call to regularly check for any leaks in your slab. Some of the signs you should look out for include:

  • • Skyrocketing of your water bills while the consumption is constant.
  • • The sound of dripping water while the taps are closed.
  • • Growth of molds and grass at or near the foot of your foundation.
  • • Accumulation of water or moisture from the foundation
  • • Cracks in your foundation.
  • • Appearance of warm sections in your slab floor.
  • • Bad odors coming from the walls and floor.
  • • Discoloring in the floor.
  • • Shifting of soil around your home.
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How We Repair Slab Leaks

The above signs should alarm you enough to call us so we can put your fears to rest. We help detect and repair any slab leaks to keep those water bills in check and make sure your water runs as your water system was designed.

We first establish that you in fact have a slab leak and then pinpoint it’s origin. We use today’s cutting edge technologies and equipment to detect if you have a leak and always try to avoid damaging walls or flooring during discovery. Our cost saving and time efficient slab leak detection methods help us tune into the slightest echo or sounds made by dripping water coming from within the walls or floor.

At that point, our technicians get to work repairing the leak. We can also evaluate the over-all condition of your pipes by looking for signs of wear and tear and make recommendations where needed. But regardless of the severity and source of the leak, it has our immediate attention and you can be assured we will rectify the problem immediately.

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