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Please feel free to take advantage of any of our daily offers and discounts. Just present or mention the offer on this page to our technician so they can adjust your quote.
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Professional, Courteous Service

Cathedral Plumbing guarantees that you will receive professional, courteous plumbing service from one of our certified plumber team members. Our technicians are knowledgeable, helpful and scheduled to arrive on time at your convenience.

Our Best Price For The Proper Work

Our approach in estimating plumbing projects is based upon a careful balance of concern for our customer's charges while providing plumbing solutions that will last and be long term. After a visual inspection, our technician will present all available options along with the pros and cons of each for your repair or installation needs.

Fast Estimates & Upfront Pricing

Cathedral Plumbing provides fast, accurate estimates on all projects. All plumbing projects are estimated on a per-job basis, not on open-ended projected hours. Our customers are always aware of the exact cost before any work is begun.

Quick Emergency Response

We respond to all emergency plumbing problems. With over 100 Master and skilled technicians in the field, we can respond within the shortest time for any emergencies when called upon.

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A plumber you can trust!
Our intent is to be the definitive plumbing provider, offering excellence in service and flawless performance based on a motivation we all share at Cathedral—the safety and well being of your family and home!
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